8th Czech-Slovak Congress of Forensic Medicine


Dear Sir or Madam,

The Czech Society of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Toxicology, in cooperation with Slovak Society of Forensic Medicine is organising a convention of forensic doctors and toxicologists with international participation on 15-17.6.2022.

Forensic medicine is a field that extends into many areas of society's life.


In health care, by performing autopsies and toxicological examinations, it reveals the causes of death whether natural or violent (HEALTH) and thus its mission leans towards criminology. In the part dealing with the investigation of crimes against life and health it provides clarification on the onset and severity of a health disorder (SECURITY). The offence must be punished and here it plays an important role in the judiciary. In court hearings, it gives to the court an explanation so that a judgment can be given (JUSTICE).

Forensic medicine is therefore inherent in health care, criminology and the judiciary.

The conference deals with unusual cases in which the autopsy finding, using macroscopic, microscopic and histochemical examinations, reveals the cause of death; a computed tomography (CT) examination of the body is currently being applied, the presentation of difficult expert opinions, e.g. from the traffic accidents area, by toxicology presentations that belong indissolubly to forensic medicine; the use of the latest instrumentation can detect tiny amounts of poisons and drugs or their metabolites in the body as well – the pressing issue of new synthetic drugs nowdays. Molecular biology, which is becoming a diagnostic method even in forensic medicine, especially in the area of congenital heart defects (so-called cardiomyopathy).

Forensic medicine is largely an empirical subject and there are lot of cases that are quite exceptional. By sharing of such cases, which are the contents of a medico-legal conference, the level of knowledge increases and the knowledge deepens so that the three words mentioned at the beginning – HEALTH, SECURITY, JUSTICE – can be fulfilled.

We look forward to meeting you in Prague.

Yours sincerely,

doc. MUDr. Alexander Pilin, CSc.