Patient programme

Details for patient programme can be found here.
Information for patients
Dear members of patients’ organisations,
We are very pleased to inform you about news in patient programme during the 4th Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM), which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on June 6th-9th, 2022, in hybrid format.

Organisation information:

General information about the GCOM 2022 can be found on the website:

Registration: early bird till March 31, 2022 (€50), from April 1, 2022 (€80)

Deadline to submit abstracts: February 22, 2022 and for patients HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL

MARCH 15, 2022.

Patient programme:
1)     Icebreaker – an online meeting
It will be organised at the beginning of the conference. We will have the possibility to meet each other, talk informally about living with myositis and everything that interests us.
An informal Icebreaker Session will open the patient program on the ZOOM platform, on 6th June, at 12 pm (CET).
The link for access to ad ID of meeting will be distributed by email to all patients and representatives of patients´ organisations registered for GCOM 2022.

There will be a space for all patients to introduce themselves to each other and to learn more about the patient organizations of which they are members and about the activities of these organizations. At the same time, there will be a space for international organisations to present their activities and projects in which patients are also involved.
2)     Question & Answers session
The panel of experts from different medical areas will respond to questions submitted by patients from many countries. The questions will be divided into three main categories: 1) What is new in research and treatment, 2) General questions, 3) COVID-19 and myositis. It will be possible to ask questions on online.
3)     Physiotherapy and occupational therapy workshop
Physiotherapy workshop will include theory of exercise and practical guidelines on how to get started and stick to exercise program and effects of functional training with focus on activities of daily living with myositis. We can ask questions online as well.
Occupational therapy workshop will include the information how to perform activities of daily living, energy conservation techniques, compensation aids etc.
The physiotherapy and occupational therapy workshop will include practical demonstration of ADL-exercise and hand exercise for people with myositis and patient perspective of exercise.
4)     Patient poster session
       Abstract – step one
Firstly, it is necessary to submit an abstract.
Please use the Abstract submission application form (in the Participants section on the web:
The deadline for submitting patients´ abstract was extended until March 15, 2022.
On the website, there is a guideline for abstract processing. However, the point number 3 (the sections required for scientific abstract - i.e. background, methods, results, conclusion etc.) does not necessarily apply to patient abstracts.
Don't be afraid to submit an abstract and create a poster showing the activities of myositis patients in your country. We will be very happy if we all share together our experiences and what we have been successful in. 
Poster – step two
The opportunity to create a poster applies to all participants, both those who come to the conference in person and those who participate online. If you are coming in person, it will be important to submit your poster electronically as well as bring it with you in printed version.
The format of the poster board is 180 cm high, 90 cm wide. The poster should be created in PowerPoint software, which allows only 142 cm high. The template for poster will be provided by organising committee on the web site.
The patient poster doesn´t need to be divided into sections (background, methods, results, conclusion and acknowledgements).
Patients can also (voluntarily) record verbal commentary to their poster PowerPoint presentation, up to 3 minutes length. We will convert poster into pdf, which will be displayed on the web page, and add recorded presentation available online.
Besides the poster session for in person participants, there will be chat window available to ask questions and allow all participants access poster discussion online.
5)     Attendance to the scientific programme
    According to the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) in the Czech Republic, patients have access to the entire conference programme with the exception of parts, which are directly related to the activities of pharmaceutical companies (i.e. exhibition, area with promotional materials and professional symposia of pharmaceutical companies).
6)     Conference booklet
We also plan to develop a conference booklet for patients, including photos, short biographies and contact information, in order to improve networking between patients across the borders. According to the new European privacy law, we are obliged to ask for the permission to share this information. Please let us know if you feel there may be any objections to this activity. Please let us know by replying to e-mail address: before 30th of April 2022
 Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
 Looking forward to seeing you in Prague in June, 2022.
For Working Team:
Olga Drápalová, Chair of the Czech Myositis Working Group, Czech League Against Rheumatism,
Hana Šmucrová, Occupational therapist, Institute of Rheumatology, Prague,
Ingrid de Groot, Chair of the Dutch Myositis Working Group, Dutch Patient Association for Neuromuscular Diseases, 
Silke Schlüter, Chair of the German Myositis Diagnosis Group, German Society for Neuromuscular Diseases,
Patient invitation letter.