7th Central European Congress of Rheumatology

Závazné obchodní podmínky

  1. Congress Prague, the professional organizer of the 7th Central European Congress of Rheumatology 2008, is authorized to handle the orders in accordance with these business conditions.
  2. These conditions regulate the position, rights and obligations of the organizer (Congress Prague) and the purchaser.
  3. The purchaser must place the order before the deadline stated by the organizer. On the day of delivery, the order establishes a binding legal relationship between the organizer and the purchaser according to the Code of Commerce of the Czech Republic. The orders are handled according to the date of delivery to the organizer.
  4. Advertising stands for publishing a logo or an advertisement on www.revma.cz/cecr08, in the Programme Bulletin of the congress, and in the Book of Abstracts of the congress, in accordance with this order form and the source materials submitted by the purchaser. The source materials for advertising must be submitted in electronic form, EPS format of chosen size, resolution 300 DPI, CMYK, fonts converted to curves, 5 mm fallout.
  5. Exposition stands for an exhibition space in sq. m with furnishings or space for an advertising banner according to the data indicated in the order form.
  6. The allotted advertising or exposition must not be rented or otherwise ceded to a third party.
  7. The purchaser must pay the price of the ordered advertising and exposition based on an invoice issued by Congress Prague prior to 15th April 2008. The supplier will issue the invoice for the payment for the purchaser on the day of the receipt of the binding order form.
  8. Should the purchaser cancel their participation in the event
    • before 15th April 2008, the cancellation fee is 30% of the price of the ordered advertising or exposition;
    • before 30th April 2008, the cancellation fee is 50% of the price of the ordered advertising or exposition;
    • on and after 1st May 2008, the cancellation fee is 100% of the price of the ordered advertising or exposition.
    • The supplier is authorised to deduct the cancellation fee applied from the already reimbursed price of the advertising or exposition.
  9. The organizer is authorized to exclude from the event such purchaser who has not reimbursed the price for the ordered advertising or exposition in accordance with the given deadline.
  10. The spatial plan of the accompanying exhibition will be published on www.revma.cz/cecr08 by 30th September 2007 and will be delivered to every purchaser who will have submitted the binding order form for the presentation.
  11. In case of cancellation of the event due to vis major, the organizer will inform the purchaser immediately. To the date of notification, all the commitments between the organizer and purchaser existing up to this date expire with no compensation. The organizer is authorized to hold against the accounting to this very date the respective part of already reimbursed payments in order to cover the accumulated costs.
  12. Disputes incurred from the legal relationships established by this order form will be settled according to the legal rules of the Czech Republic.

Prof. MUDr. Karel Pavelka, DrSc.
President of the Czech Rheumatological Society,
Member of the Congress Committee of 7th Central European Congress of Rheumatology 2008

Prague, June 2007